Supercell Rocks with Clash Royale

Hi there we are here with review of the new game recently released by supercell i.e. Clash Royale. Clash Royale is from same universe as Clash of Clans but in this you are not into City building stuff, its more like first person shooting game, neither you have to create a farming ecosystem like Hay day (get hay day hack here). You get deck of cards, elixirs and than you drop your attackers from deck to attack other persons tower. The attackers are different kind, depending upon the price some are costly and last long, some are cheaper but dont last long, all depends upon how much resources you got.

clash royale deck

The idea is to send your units in right or left lanes and take out the enemy towers. The enemy towers defends themselves and are stronger at higher level of games just like any other tower defense game. Sometimes the user can counter attack from other lane while you are busy fighting him in another so its more like war like scenario where enemy open another fronts. Clash Royale got lot of cards and these cards are what we arrange in deck. The simplest way to understand a card is a cache or package or battalion of particular kind of soldiers. You can arrange multiple cards on deck and drop them all to storm the enemy from both sides but its very resource intensive and you need lot of clash royale gems and exilir to do it. Tip: You can also use this Clash Royale gems generator to generate unlimited gems.
Clash Royale games are pretty short and in last minutes the speed is increased to finish up early, however Supercell also introduced the extra time option in case you are tied, the match goes on for some more time and you can now nail the opponent or he can destroy you claiming decisive victory.